A Family of Mugs for Printing

A Family of Mugs for Printing

A Family of Mugs for Printing

Most of the coffee/tea mugs you see that have been subjected to sublimation printing are white
ceramic or porcelain. Many people ask if other types of mugs and glasses can be used for sublimation
printing as well. The thing to keep in mind is that proper printing, i.e., getting a crisp, vibrant design on
your mug, requires it to be coated with some type of a polymer coating with which to infuse the design
into (not onto) the surface of the mug. Most of the coatings used belong to the class of polymers
comprising epoxies, acrylics, polyesters, and polyurethane.

Lots of Possibilities

While most of our mugs are ceramic, it is nevertheless possible to print on a variety of materials,
including clear glass, aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic. However, attempting to print on a surface
that has not been coated with one of these polymeric coating will not provide the quality, sharpness,
and durability that coated materials offer.
Here at Mugsie we use only high-quality coated mugs in two different sizes (11 oz. & 115 oz.) and many
different colors and styles. One of our more popular styles for sublimation printing is the colored rim
and handle, mostly in black or gold, though pink has been requested as well.

Mugsie Sublimation Mugs


Treat Yourself to the Best

Regardless of your choice: our extensive ready-to-go artwork or something personalized for you, a
friend, colleague, or family member, we’re confident you’ll enjoy your mug(s) for a long time. If you’re
purchasing in quantity from us to provide printed mugs to your customers or clients, we’re sure you and
they will be happy you got them from us. Sublimation printing is extraordinarily durable and can
withstand years of being run through the dishwasher with virtually no fading or bleeding.
Mugsie, for all things sublimation.  Create Something Unique every day.

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