Artwork Use License

Discover the Freedom of Mugsie Artworks License | Download and Use for Free

Mugsie Artworks offer a liberating license for creative expression. Enjoy the flexibility of downloading and utilizing our artworks without any charge for non-commercial purposes. No need to seek permission (though attribution is appreciated!).

Explore the possibilities within our license:

  • ✔️ Free download and use for non-commercial projects
  • ✔️ No attribution required, though it's encouraged

What's off-limits:

  • ❌ Selling artworks without significant modification
  • ❌ Replicating or compiling artworks for similar or competing services

Tip: How to show appreciation through attribution:

While attribution isn't obligatory, giving credit to Mugsie is valued as it supports our work and inspires us to continue sharing.

Example attribution:

Photo by Mugsie on

Embrace the creative freedom with Mugsie's irrevocable, worldwide copyright license. Download, modify, distribute, and perform Mugsie designs freely, adhering to our license terms. This license does not extend to compiling Mugsie designs for imitation or competition.